Download RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Syllabus 2019 In Hindi Subject Wise

There are a few competitive test conducted now days. We all attempt to win the test. Be that as it may, what number of us can accomplish the objective? You should set your own objective. RPSC implies Rajasthan Public Service Commission. This commission conducts test for different units. You can show up for the test for which you are qualified. Additionally it will give RPSC 2nd grade syllabus in Hindi on its official site and all hopefuls will almost certainly download it in PDF design document.

Eligibility criteria can be checked from the official site You can login to this site to get the whole details of the test. Presently RPSC is going to lead test for second grade teachers. The individuals who are interested for this exam can apply for the test through online itself. The candidates can check the official website to know all the details about the eligibility criteria. The candidates can check the syllabus also which can be downloaded from the official website. Before appearing for the exam it is really important for the candidates to download the syllabus so that they can also start the preparation accordingly. RPSC 2nd Grade Syllabus In Hindi PDF can be easily be downloaded by the candidates for whom they need to follow the steps given below:-

  • Log on to the official website of RPSC
  • The home page of the website will appear.
  • Then you have to click on the candidate instruction given on the top.
  • Then from the drop down list, select the syllabus.
  • The syllabus page will appear on the screen.
  • Select the year, if you will select the current year the automatically the syllabus for the current year exam will appear.
  • Select the option of second grade teacher to check its syllabus.
  • Even you can download RPSC 2nd grade syllabus in Hindi pdf.
  • You can also take the print out of the same.

GK Syllabus For RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Syllabus In Hindi

Those candidates who want to download the syllabus of GK can easily download the PDF of RPSC 2nd grade GK syllabus in Hindi language. Following is the syllabus of GK for the grade teacher:-

  • Global wind system
  • National income-concept & trends
  • Oceans and their characteristics
  • Environmental problems
  • India and U.N.O
  • Poverty Features of India’s foreign policy
  • Reduction schemes
  • Location and its advantages Continents Global strategies
  • Population trend and distribution
  • Major trends in International policies with special reference to Globalization and Nuclear Non-proliferation
  • Globalization and its impacts
  • Monsoonal system
  • Changing patterns of agriculture and industries
  • Drainage characteristics
  • Nehru’s contribution to its making

Syllabus for Education Psychology

The candidates can easily download the education psychology syllabus as well. RPSC 2nd Grade Syllabus In Hindi makes it easy for the candidates to prepare for the exam.

  • Learning Various Psychologists and their contributions in education
  • Intelligence and Creativity
  • Development of Learner
  • Educational Psychology Meaning, Scope and implications for the teacher in classroom situations
  • Development and Implication in Education
  • Motivation Personality Individual Differences

Syllabus for Social Science

RPSC 2nd grade social science syllabus in Hindi can be downloaded by the candidates in the PDF format they can also prepare well for the subject when they will have the RPSC 2nd Grade Syllabus In Hindi for the particular subject.

Following is the subject for social science:-

Vedic Age – Social and religious life.
Freedom movement
Buddhism and Jainism – Teachings, Causes of rise and fall of Buddhism.
Bhakti and Sufi movements.
Mauryas and Guptas.
Mughal Period – (1526-1707) – Administrative features and cultural achievements.
Partition of India.
Indus Valley Civilization – its salient features. Revolution of 1857.
League of Nations and the U.N.O.
Role of Mahatma Gandhi.
Legacy of Shivaji.
French Revolution, American War of Independence & Russian Revolution.
Birth of Congress.
India’s role in World Peace.

Syllabus For Maths

Even the candidates can download RPSC 2nd grade Maths syllabus in Hindi. The link is also available for the same online which can be checked by them.

  • Problems related to Relations
  • Questions based on Clocks, Age, and Calendar
  • Data Analysis (Tables, Bar-Graph, Line Graph, Pie-Chart)
  • Number system and order of Magnitude
  • Ratio and Proportion, Compound Proportion
  • H.C.F. and L.C.M , Square Root, Cube Root,
  • Time and Work, Speed and Distance
  • Simultaneous Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Area and Perimeter of Simple Geometrical Shapes, Volume and Surface Area of Sphere, Cone, Cylinder and Cuboids
  • Percentage, Simple and Compound Interest
  • Measures of Central Tendency, Mean, Mode, Median, Standard Deviation and Variance
  • Trigonometry Ratios and Angles
  • Probability
  • Shapes and their Sub-sections, Venn Diagram
  • Number Series, Letter Series, Coding –Decoding

Syllabus for Economics

RPSC 2nd Grade Syllabus In Hindi is available online from which you can also check the syllabus of economics.

Part A- Indian economy

  • Major Sectors of Economy: Agriculture, Industry & Service- Current Status, Issues, and Initiatives.
  • Public Finance: Tax reforms in India- Direct & Indirect, subsidies- Cash Transfer and other related issues. Recent Fiscal Policy of India.
  • Banking: Concept of Money Supply & High Powered Money, Issues of NPA, Role and Functions of Central Bank & Commercial Banks, Monetary Policy- Concept, Objectives & Instruments, Financial Inclusion.
  • Recent Trends in Indian Economy: Role of Foreign Capital, Poverty alleviation scheme, FDI, Exim Policy, 12th Finance Commission, , MNCs, PDS

Economy of Rajasthan

  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry with a particular reference to Rajasthan, Forestry, Dairy,
  • Growth, Development & Planning with a particular reference to Rajasthan.
  • Industrial Sector- Growth and recent trends.
  • Recent development and issues in the service sector of Rajasthan.
  • Public-Private Partnership Model for Economic Transformation in Rajasthan.
  • Major Development Projects of Rajasthan- their objectives and impact.
  • Demographic Scenario of the State and its impact on Rajasthan Economy.

The entire syllabus can be downloaded in Hindi as well. RPSC 2nd grade first paper syllabus in Hindi is also available and the candidates can download RPSC 2nd grade syllabus in Hindi.


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